Dec. 9th, 2013

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Lindsey ~ "Cabin Fever."

So this is hell.

He sees that now, with the wind howling outside the door. Cold coming through the cracks of the house he'd claimed as his own. He never thought he'd wish he could freeze.

He understood that now. He spent a long time trying to figure out why he'd been let go - let out here. Thanksgiving had driven the point home and the freezing snow storm had hammered it into the ground like a vengeful railroad spike.

It's not enough that you have to die m'boy.

Holland studies him. He's trying to conserve as much food as he can but that malnourishment is hitting him hard. Hallucinations appear like grim phantoms. Les Fantasma

Lindsey at least it'd be warmer in hell. His mentor's eyes are kind, I'm sorry that you didn't measure up. I had grand plans for you."

"Yeah. Plans." His throat was tight, "What's that about hitching wagons to stars? Sorry you ended up going super nova."

...Yet I have a place. Lindsey blinked as Holland shifted into Lilah, Aw. What you tried to play both sides and lose. How pathetic. I guess I did prove to be better then you.

"Tied up. In hell."

Hell doesn't have to be warm.

Lindsey looked punched. Looking up at Eve he closed his eyes, "...Eve."

I think you lost your warm privilages Mr. Eve shook her head. Remember what you told me? It has to be this way.

Visions of Angel swam through his head. Wrapping his arms around his throat, digging his nails into his neck. Ripping him to pieces with his bare hands. All he'd wanted.

was it worth it?

Isolation in the cold and snow. The ghosts of his past looking on. All he had wanted to rip the man who had made him look like a fool apart. Ah, the suffering of pride.

Closing his eyes, Lindsey screamed. His anger lost in the howl of the wind outside. Screaming, throwing things, breaking pots and pans, ripping blankets apart. He tossed thing saround before he collapsed, shivering on the blankets to weep warm hot tears - the warmest thing in the world the depths of his sadness and failure.


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