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Taken from this premise.

He's a UN special representative, she's a member of an anti-terrorism organization on the from a Russian hit man. They run to the United States, ultimately drawing the ire of a local sheriff and a CIA agent who's goal becomes to stop their desperate all costs.

UN Special Representative: Eric Keller. (Javier Bardem)

Anti-Terrorism Agent/Project Officer: Melbourne 'Mel' Jessop (Scarlett Jo)

CIA Analyst/Project Officer: Mark Kowalski. (Bryan Cranston)

Sheriff Green County: Dan Patrick. (Jon Bernthal)

Russian Hit Man/Project Officer: Alexi Anatoly (Costas Mandylor)

Russian Hit Man: Tova Karamov

The United States has known about the affects of invincible since the Korean War, and the name of the game in these cases is exploitation. While the drug on the market presents an unfortunate problem for the governments of the world that doesn't mean that testing has stopped or that attempts to use these products for nefarious purposes.

That's how Eric Keller, sociology professor and human rights expert called in to report on a growing number of missing Afghan children ends up tangled up in this. A widower, we first encounter him being ordered out by a collection of soldiers when a house they are investigating is discovered to be filled with countless dead and mutilated human corpses. On the way out he leaves the convoy to assist a child, getting hit by a car. He meets Melbourne Jessop, Australian national who is working with HUMANITY FIRST, an organization linked to non-violent protests and medical aid in radical countries across the world. Near death, they are attacked and when he wakes up Melbourne spins a story of having the other man attacked and injected with a substance they later realize is the drug "invincible".

Aware of the danger this places him in, Mel takes him to the US consulate where Keller contacts his former college roommate Mark Kowalski and asks for evacuation. Just as he is about to explain coming into contact with invincible however, the embassy is attacked by a suicide bomber who attempts to kill Eric and Mel. The difference being that this bomber is an invincible, a taken individual who's ability is literally to survive being blasted by an explosion, put himself back together, and blow himself up once more. Mel shoots him in the head - the only way she says any invincible can be put down and the two escape, booking a flight out of the country.

Across the world, Mark Kowalski gets a phone call from an unknown individual. He places an order and hangs up. Halfway around the world in Moscow, Alexei and his partner Tova are sitting in a parked car when they receive an assignment - the murder of an American who's just fled back to the united States. The man asks them if they can do that, clearly scared - and Tova promptly vanishes from sight while Alexei grabs the man and freezes his throat - with ice. The two return to base where they witness an initiation, the russian crime syndicates have taken to using only mutants to compete in the economy. When asked "Are you ready to go home Alexei?" Alexei smiles and he and Tova depart for the United States.

In the States, Eric is beginning to manifest an ability, mild to moderate technopathy. Finding herself responsible for him, he and Mel retreat to his house where they have a moment and she asks him about his history. A widower, his wife and daughter died in a car crash when his daughter was six. He's never found the time nor the inclination to remarry and instead devoted himself to helping children as his wife had wished him to do. They have a few moments where he experiments with turning electronic devices on and off in the house before the effort exhausts him. She says he's not out of the woods yet and announces that she knows why children were disappearing, they were being used as experiments for invincible, trying to get them young in the hope of discovering if children could survive it easier.

The story goes thusly. After the discovery made with the soldiers of the fighting tigers unit the United States went all out, including arranging for children to be tested as part of the smallpox vaccinations. A lot of children became sick, those that survived did manifest abilities, but as they grew older those abilities grew more and more unstable. What's worse is their children also developed unstable abilities manifesting in psychosis and other unsavory things. "Man wasn't meant to evolve along those lines. we're not gods, we're just giving ourselves their powers."

We return to Alexei and Tova who arrive in the United States and promptly kill a highway patrol officer when he attempts to take their names. The investigating sheriff is Dan Patrick, who becomes involved after a second body is attached to the same case.

Mark Kowalski.

Alexei confronts him at the CIA headquarters and Kowalski attempts to kill him after apologizing for "the wrong that I did your father and your mother." Alexei turns him into a human popsicle in his car, and when they discover what happened parts of him break off as they try and get him out of the vehicle. He's severely weakened by this and it's up to Tova to go after Eric who is concluding his own change.

Patrick makes a stink of himself at CIA headquarters once a "frozen body" is found and is ultimately let in on the investigation. Evidence points to a UN representative who disappeared tied in with the terrorist bombing. Meanwhile, Eric resolves that the only thing he should do is attempt to find out where they children are going, make a report and expose the criminal activity. Before Mel can agree or disagree with him Tova appears in their apartment and Eric, in an effort to protect Mel causes the microwave to explode. His form of technopathy doesn't extend to machines doing his bidding, simply to causing massive electrical charges in them. He and Mel argue over his classification as Tova dies, impaled through the head with a shard of plastic.

Alexei breaks into the crime scene and fights with Patrick who attempts to hold his own. Lying and saying that she's his girlfriend, Alexei convinces Patrick that it's Eric who is doing all of these killings and that he's one of those "goddamn mutants" Patrick assembles mutant cops of his own, men and women who have fallen in the line of duty and been reborn thanks to coming into contact with invincible (there's one that can control fire, one that can turn into a dog, and one that has developed fangs)

Meanwhile, Mark and Mel find a tape that reveals the truth. In the 1950s the CIA did perform those experiments and the children who survived were made project officers within the organization. Their own children were born with abilities and these second generation mutants, these [Insert clever and creative name here] were forced to work with the company. A few dissented and their parents managed to flee the country. One of these was Alex Anatole, now Alexei Anatoly - a hit man working for the Russian Mob and a known psychopath with CIA training. Mark knows this because with advancements in gene therapy he hired Alexei and two others to begin kidnapping the children in Afghanistan in an effort to perfect this evolution.

That's when Eric puts it together that Mel has been involved since the beginning (an admittedly lame twist but) his suspicions are confirmed when Alexei finds them, chastises Mel for killing Tova and greets her as "Sister". Mel's ability, astral and physical projection allows her to project herself to different places and locations. Alexei thinks he's talking to her, but she's standing behind him...and stabbing him in the back. Patrick, bursting in has the other cops attack Mel and Eric generates electricity (making him a true Electric manipulator as opposed to anything else) blasting the police. Patrick shoots the real Mel just as Eric steps up behind him and kills him with a shock to the heart - frying his brain.

Mel, dying in Eric's arms apologizes for her behavior and Eric - now a man on the run who's killed a police officer flees into the night for further adventures.


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