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I'm trying to decide if I want to keep up this habit of writing down all my threads and daily activities. It's helping teach me to keep records of things (and I admit that there's something pretty solid and dependable about it. It makes me feel accomplished listing all my RP stuff. Maybe I have way too many puppets I'm looking at but I figure that I can split it up into days or something alone those lines. A few puppets for every day so that I don't get overwhelmed and that I can work on storylines and stuff.

That, will also give me practice in planning things and making stuff organized. Like how I'm playing around with this and going, "Okay...easy. Take it easy. Grab all the things and have fun. Thankfully I just found some neat tumblr support groups however so we'll be working on that.

I accidentally cosplayed as Tate and Violet from American Horror Story 's ghostly lovechild today so I needed an appropriate cosplay picture.
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That and a failed trip to the food stamps office sums up today. I need to go either tomorrow or Wednesday so that I can actually file for stamps up here, and then I'll be one step closer to everything since January is FAFSA month.

Positive thoughts and listing accomplishments can go far in life and leave you, when they're all laid out at the end of the day, looking snazzy and sharp!


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And that is why that girl is called a tease.

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