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A brief notation on the state of my gaming. )

Anyway, all of those things null and void. I quantified everything and arranged everything in [community profile] wolvesinwalls along with mirrors spread across livejournal, dreamwidth, and insanejournal. I classified each character by hogwarts house, some decided by pre-discussion and some decided by actually doing the individual test for the character. Then the same with their daemons/patronuses/all of those little questions that will eventually turn up in a meme/memes.

I snagged [personal profile] believe_in_me which was the name I wanted for Harvey eons ago.

I also snagged [personal profile] lastmanstanding for Hoffman on dreamwidth which...given that it looks like TLV might move is just an awesome set of circumstance.

I don't know how long the great move is going to last or just what people are going to be doing, but I went ahead and made icons for a bunch of people who I've been wanting to play but never had the balls to.

[personal profile] pigpuppets - ...I have this burning desire to learn just what the kids after SAW were doing. While John and Amanda rarely used kids (even Hoffman) we still have Daniel Matthews, Alison Gordon, and Rex and Morgan's unnamed daughter played by Bousman's niece. How did it affect them?

[personal profile] wolvesinthewalls - I literally found a copy of "The Wolves in the Walls" by Neil Gaiman on the bus two days ago. I'm utterly in love with it (obviously) and Lucy...well, I want to try playing a kid character. Lucy is just playing neat.

Those are the two I'm most excited about but I have canon review to do for [personal profile] acatwithglasses, Icons and journalbuilding for [personal profile] outforbloodinvegas, and finding a place to play [personal profile] amongthedead.

As much as I'm tempted to let [personal profile] lastmanstanding by the wayside since he only seems to serve as everybody's angry bitch and I want to play him as more then that I doubt that I can. After over a year of work Hoffman deserves some kind of happy ending or some kind of continuation where he can...function somewhat healthy.

I think that about covers my roleplaying news and represents the big "This is what I am spending my hiatus doing" post. If I can maintain this kind of dedication throughout next year and the other things that I want to do then allowing my hobbies to serve as my feelings in microcosm shouldn't happen and we can all get on with our lives without listless Carolyn running around and slamming fingers in doors.


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And that is why that girl is called a tease.

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