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Applications to the following roleplays have been filled out. That in addition [community profile] lastvoyages should keep my roleplay schedule pretty busy. Classes have been paid for (at least the two of them) I need the twelve units, plus a job, plus activities for roleplay and this.

The basic outline of a plan to get there )

In all honesty, I would sticky that if I had the balls to do so, but somebody might eventually (god forbid) actually READ this journal. I'm honestly trying to keep medical and personal stuff off the internet. I've blogged enough about this for a lifetime (and if Law and Order has taught us anything it's that somebody could take advantage of it)

Given that nobody seems to be reading my blog anyway (which is bitching honestly.) I might just do that.

Reserved the following characters:

[personal profile] letdownherhair | [community profile] sweven

[personal profile] lastmanstanding | [community profile] mysterium_tremendum

Up for pairing | [personal profile] bubblegumprincess, [personal profile] goodbyenaziballs, [personal profile] amongthedead, [personal profile] dogfacedrepoman and possibly [personal profile] thenightsurgeon.

Threads | Frankie-Stein and Torelai | Harvey Dent and Birdy| Hoffman waxes poetic

I have this weird urge to make a Painted Doll Journal except I can't because I know nothing. Instead I could go about making this carnival/satanic tumblr theme that I have planned. I'm also deboxing my monster high dolls to save space in April's room? (and for potential photo opportunities.) Or at least reblogging all of them except physical deducation Ghoulia because of all the tiny pieces and I don't want to lose them.

It'll be the same with most major dolls like my eventual plan to get DotD Ghoulia, Cupid, and Sweet 1600 Draculaura. The smaller dolls however, I can reblog and get the pieces into a bag. I'm only collecting Ghoulia, Draculaura, and Torelai (I got my first Torelai from Amanda) along with the stuffed dolls, but I'll also be picking up cupid (just to say I own it) and I need the 2012 doll (Steampunk Robot? Steampunk Robot)

I need to wait a year for the rest of my girls to come up though. A year to grab my San Diego Stuff and get an animal. Having April's animals around has been a huge help, but in January/Febuary we'll be staring to the moving out process (hopefully as long as a job's working).

Again, none of that as I don't want my personal stuff on the internet (within reason) but still.


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And that is why that girl is called a tease.

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