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So once upon a time, I was on this website called livejournal and I'd been on livejournal for years. I had this huge pile of drivel and crap that I went through and I posted a bunch of things and what should have been an organized blog of awesome turned into this huge diatribe about mental illness and the various ups and downs I went through as someone with mental illness and someone with crap parents who likes fandom goes through.

Then livejournal decided to be a huge tool and the world became small and ridiculous and I decided that, while I hadn't updated my livejournal in years I really ought to start blogging or at least appropriately mark blogs so that if they're MH related people can know to avoid and perhaps I won't be the "girl who cried wolf" (or at least remain just the girl with wolves in her walls)

So the ultimate conclusion is, I'm a lot more mature then I was (at least I think I am) so maybe I can have a blog to talk about things that are of interest to me without dissolving into fits of looking back in my blog and flipping out about the ups and downs that I make and the things that I want to talk about.

The thing is that I do most of my blog on tumblr and most of my blog stuff is actually shits and giggles related. I blog a lot about horror movies, movies in general, costuming, and nerdly pursuits. Occasionally I might have something to say in regards to Social Justice or Mental Health issues. Here's the thing about that. I'm just an uneducated boob from Southern California who's had a few experiences. I don't...really post opinions or rants or freakouts anymore. If I do they'll be appropriately marked and I'll be sure to warn you guys.

Point being-as I said-I'm an uneducated boob. I like encouraging discussion however. If you want to correct me or offer new opinions or you know-show me something else-I ask that you do that respectfully and calmly. I don't participate in discussions that I can't offer anything to, and if you simply rant about how wrong I am or about how much fail I'm made of I reserve the right to terminate our discussions. It won't be because I don't want to talk to you however. It'll be because...I literally have nothing else I can offer. How many times do you honestly want to hear "I'm sorry I'll do things differently from now on?"

I roleplay. A great big list of who I roleplay is available at [community profile] wolvesinwalls which is probably the most comprehensive list to date. It's classed by Hogwarts House, and each entry for currently active headmuses is detailed with their daemon, their patronus, and a link to their journals and mirrors thereof.

If you guys have a yen to thread with a particular character either there or other places you guys can leave a comment here or on [community profile] wolvesinwalls.

Some fun real life facts-I was in a Repo! the Genetic Opera shadowcast for two years after extensive work on the street team for lionsgate.

I've been in the back of a police car (not once, not twice, but three times) and still manages to harbor a desire to work with the police.

I've been homeless-not talking couch surfing but actual living in shelters in the system homeless. Status is currently upgraded to couch surfing.

I've been told I'm marginally intelligent. Fandoms include SAW, Repo, Steampunk, Lionsgate Films in general, vampires, Batman (primarily Nolanverse)

And honestly the more explanations that you ask for the less fun it is as we end up getting to know each other.

If you guys are interested in following my internet life (it really is a sort of duality isn't it) You guys can also check out the following websites.

Facebook | Tumblr | LJ Fanfiction (A) | LJ Fanfiction (B) | Writing Tumblr | Polyvore | Reddit | Ravelry | Plurk


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