Dec. 30th, 2011 06:31 pm
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Roleplaying Updates | 12/30/2011

Hoffman and Rapunzel meet Kaylee Fry. I just gotta throw all the good puppets at the best ones.

Hoffman discusses [community profile] distantskies | Marisa Coulter and Hoffman are going to be INTERESTING.

Hoffman and Jill plus Hoffman and Tatra from Magic Knight Rayearth | ...Perhaps there might be a Jill Tuck in the future? [pleasant flail] Jerry Dandridge and Peter Vincent | Because I need a serious business voicetest. | Constance and Corbett. This is going to be fun | Princess Bubblegum Voice Test.

I'm thinking about apping George Huang from Law and Order SVU. I need to do a Hank Shrader voice test.


In other news! Working on Amanda Young Costume analysis for Tumblrfeed. I also produced This for tumblr. Having done my duty (so to speak) and as long as I queue up stuff, I'm pretty much gold and I can start working on my batman script for comic con 2012.

It's about time I devoted some time to Nolan. :D Along with roleplaying.
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Applications to the following roleplays have been filled out. That in addition [community profile] lastvoyages should keep my roleplay schedule pretty busy. Classes have been paid for (at least the two of them) I need the twelve units, plus a job, plus activities for roleplay and this.

The basic outline of a plan to get there )

In all honesty, I would sticky that if I had the balls to do so, but somebody might eventually (god forbid) actually READ this journal. I'm honestly trying to keep medical and personal stuff off the internet. I've blogged enough about this for a lifetime (and if Law and Order has taught us anything it's that somebody could take advantage of it)

Given that nobody seems to be reading my blog anyway (which is bitching honestly.) I might just do that.

Reserved the following characters:

[personal profile] letdownherhair | [community profile] sweven

[personal profile] lastmanstanding | [community profile] mysterium_tremendum

Up for pairing | [personal profile] bubblegumprincess, [personal profile] goodbyenaziballs, [personal profile] amongthedead, [personal profile] dogfacedrepoman and possibly [personal profile] thenightsurgeon.

Threads | Frankie-Stein and Torelai | Harvey Dent and Birdy| Hoffman waxes poetic

I have this weird urge to make a Painted Doll Journal except I can't because I know nothing. Instead I could go about making this carnival/satanic tumblr theme that I have planned. I'm also deboxing my monster high dolls to save space in April's room? (and for potential photo opportunities.) Or at least reblogging all of them except physical deducation Ghoulia because of all the tiny pieces and I don't want to lose them.

It'll be the same with most major dolls like my eventual plan to get DotD Ghoulia, Cupid, and Sweet 1600 Draculaura. The smaller dolls however, I can reblog and get the pieces into a bag. I'm only collecting Ghoulia, Draculaura, and Torelai (I got my first Torelai from Amanda) along with the stuffed dolls, but I'll also be picking up cupid (just to say I own it) and I need the 2012 doll (Steampunk Robot? Steampunk Robot)

I need to wait a year for the rest of my girls to come up though. A year to grab my San Diego Stuff and get an animal. Having April's animals around has been a huge help, but in January/Febuary we'll be staring to the moving out process (hopefully as long as a job's working).

Again, none of that as I don't want my personal stuff on the internet (within reason) but still.
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| Gaming |


Nothing much in gaming to report today due to activity HERE. | sent in a modly email


Nothing particularly productive achieved today apart from cleaning house and participating in house activities.

Housing was discussed along with future housing plans. It was agreed that when FAFSA is doled out, if there's no concrete job in place I will begin paying a certain amount of Rent per month. I'm fine with that. I don't like feeling like I'm not contributing anything to the household.

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This was accomplished which I'll try to discuss more in depth tomorrow because I'd like to explore each of these options.

Be advised. This entry may be amended tomorrow when coherency is no longer a problem. Entry Amended 12:28:2011

An In-Depth analysis of the Fandom!Card: Incomplete )

I started off this journal entry with a lot of feels, but again these feels have disappated with time. I'm happy with the fandom analysis however. I like quizzes like this because it makes decisions official so I know what houses to root for and such, and such.
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| Threads in Progress |

BB!Hoffman on Livejournal | BB!Hoffman and Friends (That thread is officially a highlight)


Rapunzel | Rapunzel and her Vampire Friends | Hoffman and Lisbeth Salander | Pinkie-Pie | Kerry | LOCKED

I'm trying to decide if I want to keep up this habit of writing down all my threads and daily activities. It's helping teach me to keep records of things (and I admit that there's something pretty solid and dependable about it. It makes me feel accomplished listing all my RP stuff. Maybe I have way too many puppets I'm looking at but I figure that I can split it up into days or something alone those lines. A few puppets for every day so that I don't get overwhelmed and that I can work on storylines and stuff.

That, will also give me practice in planning things and making stuff organized. Like how I'm playing around with this and going, "Okay...easy. Take it easy. Grab all the things and have fun. Thankfully I just found some neat tumblr support groups however so we'll be working on that.

I accidentally cosplayed as Tate and Violet from American Horror Story 's ghostly lovechild today so I needed an appropriate cosplay picture.
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That and a failed trip to the food stamps office sums up today. I need to go either tomorrow or Wednesday so that I can actually file for stamps up here, and then I'll be one step closer to everything since January is FAFSA month.

Positive thoughts and listing accomplishments can go far in life and leave you, when they're all laid out at the end of the day, looking snazzy and sharp!
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Journals updated-

[personal profile] outforbloodinvegas | [personal profile] bubblegumprincess

Posted for -

| [personal profile] wolvesinthewalls | and Harvey.

Day Three of Documentation )

Tomorrow we're getting up fucking early, opening gifts, and I'm going back to sleep while April runs to work. Then when she gets back (after some meeting with her family privately) we're going to see Sherlock Holmes and spend the evening movie-hopping.

I'm excited.
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Roleplay to do List -

- Journals to work on in their entirety -
[personal profile] acatwithglasses | [personal profile] bringmeeveryone | [personal profile] notgoingback | [personal profile] bubblegumprincess | [personal profile] outforbloodinvegas | [personal profile] worldsbestmarksman

- Journals to write into -

[personal profile] believe_in_me | [personal profile] amongthedead |

- Journals to write apps/details for -

[personal profile] specialagentwizard | [personal profile] thenightsurgeon

Holy crap I actually gamed today and it didn't feel like it was full of pain and failure. On the plus side however I also made a fuckton of other communities/accounts for things and added a profile to almost everything that would require one.
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A brief notation on the state of my gaming. )

Anyway, all of those things null and void. I quantified everything and arranged everything in [community profile] wolvesinwalls along with mirrors spread across livejournal, dreamwidth, and insanejournal. I classified each character by hogwarts house, some decided by pre-discussion and some decided by actually doing the individual test for the character. Then the same with their daemons/patronuses/all of those little questions that will eventually turn up in a meme/memes.

I snagged [personal profile] believe_in_me which was the name I wanted for Harvey eons ago.

I also snagged [personal profile] lastmanstanding for Hoffman on dreamwidth which...given that it looks like TLV might move is just an awesome set of circumstance.

I don't know how long the great move is going to last or just what people are going to be doing, but I went ahead and made icons for a bunch of people who I've been wanting to play but never had the balls to.

[personal profile] pigpuppets - ...I have this burning desire to learn just what the kids after SAW were doing. While John and Amanda rarely used kids (even Hoffman) we still have Daniel Matthews, Alison Gordon, and Rex and Morgan's unnamed daughter played by Bousman's niece. How did it affect them?

[personal profile] wolvesinthewalls - I literally found a copy of "The Wolves in the Walls" by Neil Gaiman on the bus two days ago. I'm utterly in love with it (obviously) and Lucy...well, I want to try playing a kid character. Lucy is just playing neat.

Those are the two I'm most excited about but I have canon review to do for [personal profile] acatwithglasses, Icons and journalbuilding for [personal profile] outforbloodinvegas, and finding a place to play [personal profile] amongthedead.

As much as I'm tempted to let [personal profile] lastmanstanding by the wayside since he only seems to serve as everybody's angry bitch and I want to play him as more then that I doubt that I can. After over a year of work Hoffman deserves some kind of happy ending or some kind of continuation where he can...function somewhat healthy.

I think that about covers my roleplaying news and represents the big "This is what I am spending my hiatus doing" post. If I can maintain this kind of dedication throughout next year and the other things that I want to do then allowing my hobbies to serve as my feelings in microcosm shouldn't happen and we can all get on with our lives without listless Carolyn running around and slamming fingers in doors.