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Continued Thread: In which Harvey Dent meets a man who offers to heal him psychologically and he declines. And then he meets a vampire

Updated [personal profile] wolvesinthewalls journal with philosophy discussion websites on the nature of talking to children. She continues to have adventures

Plus Baby!Flood at TLV. I'm excited because I get to play him as not knowing the barge so he's going to run around looking for his sister and probably dragging around his bow and arrow and then wondering why his room doesn't have any toys. And Alison Kerry and Eric Matthews because they are awesome.

No other updates apart from looking for something to do with Kerry and the rest of them. Slowly but surely I'm making a massive list of all of the awesome things that are awesome in my life. The only thing is that next week is going to be busy. Finishing up application for foodstamps, can't do school, have to talk to family about school related stuff and see if maybe they can spring for the 300 dollars to get a netbook and or laptop.

The things that bother me is that my mother hasn't called me yet, and I can't find the Christmas cards she sent me.

On the homefront we had an absolutely wonderful Christmas. I was surprised by a number of gifts and will be cherishing several things-including a brand new wool coat. It's time to pay it forward and get what's coming to me so next week I've got to keep up this "give no fucks" attitude.

Some Useless photos of the stuff that I got for Christmas. )

This one time I had like, an awesome Christmas thanks to Friends and Family and I'm just...overwhelmed. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, there is a God, there is a divining force in the Universe. Time to earn more good karma especially when I think about some of the things I did over the summer. Yes guys, it does pay to give your foodstamps to other homeless guys and it does pay to give your last dollar 25 to another person who needs to ride the bus.

I promised though, no personal stuff without a cut or a warning so I need to point you guys to something specific.

The Devil's Carnival. The latest project from the masterminds behind Repo! the Genetic Opera takes you on a wild violent ride. Just what is the Devil's Carnival? Are we truly on our way to Hell? One please, I'm totally excited.

I'm trying to jumpstart the fandom bandwagon. ~ Fa'la'la guys let's all go to hell.

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Good lord I can't wait to get a better computer.


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